Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alumnae Mixer 2013

Theta old and Theta Nu, it is time to get together and celebrate the love of our amazing sisterhood! Come to Central College Presbyterian Church in their Ballard hall from 6:30-8:00 for our annual Alumnae Mixer!
Love & Violets

Friday, September 20, 2013

Homecoming 2013-

Looking forward to seeing my sisters tomorrow at a potentially rained-on parade.  Don't fret...a little coffee, fancy creamer and "remember whens" can handle the darkest clouds!  

Join us for Bagels and Brew (coffee that is) before the parade starting at 9am. Nothing formal or fancy.  We may even take the bagels out of the box for you. We may not.  The suspense is killing you, I know.

When I think Homecoming, I think of...

1.  Peppermint Schnapps and Hot Chocolate.  Is it wrong that this is my first thought that comes to mind? Yes.  :) And why didn't we come up with the name Hot Schnocolate?    

2.  Parade floats.  We're all very creative, but the chicken wire and tissue paper?  That's a great idea when it's raining.

3.  Walking with my fellow cheerleaders in the beginning of the parade and then running to find the Theta Nu float...

4. LOTS of Alumni.  Everywhere!  In our house, in the stands, lining the streets.  If that doesn't rev you up and make you feel proud of where you are, I don't know what would.  Knowing that I can call Otterbein home and even more so Theta Nu home...that's Great with a capital G. And by the way....I have a very hard time calling it "University."  I went to Otterbein College.  
End of story.     

So my question is this...
When you think Homecoming, what do you think of? 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer is almost over!

With summer drawling to a close the Greenwich girls are getting ready to come back to our home away from home in Westerville. As well as our adopted family and amazing sisterhood of Theta Nu!! We all miss each other deerly (haha get it?) and can't wait to be reunited after three long months away from each other!
Love & Violets
Jess Hinkel

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Note from Rose Powell, Pledge Mistress

Hello! I am so excited to report that this year's pledging season has been simply a wonderful experience thus far. With twenty-three intelligent, personable, fun-loving, dedicated young ladies, it is hard not to love every moment with them. As I write this, we are currently in week four of our pledging program, with two more weeks remaining. This upcoming weekend, we are so excited for our annual pledge retreat! Theta Nu is also anxiously awaiting our mixer with Sphinx fraternity on Saturday. As pledge mistress, I am having such a worthwhile time having the opportunity to lead these ladies toward activation. I feel I can speak on behalf of the whole chapter in saying that we are truly blessed to have these "sisters-in-training" in our lives. They bring a fresh perspective to our chapter and provide an everyday reminder as to why we love our sisterhood so much.
All my love for violets and sweet tea,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Theta Old, Theta Nu

Greetings Violets!

Just a heads up that our Alumnae Mixer will be Saturday, November 17th at 7 p.m.! It will be held on the third floor of the Old Bag of Nails on State Street. Please check our website and your inboxes periodically for more updates in the days to come!

Love and Piles of Violets,
Lindsey Rowland
Alumnae Coordinator

Monday, October 29, 2012

Recruitment Reflection from Thea Kennedy

Recruitment came to a close two weeks ago as we invited twenty-four beautiful,
talented, and unique girls into our chapter. It was such a great feeling to arrive
home on Bid Day to chatter in the chapter room as everyone got settled in; the
excitement of this time of year for any sorority is seriously contagious. Pledging is
in full force now, and I find myself reflecting on this great recruitment season after
seeing the girls’ eyes filled with glee as they found out who their bigs were tonight.
I am so overwhelmed with joy for how smoothly recruitment went this year and
the fantastic group of pledges we received. The excitement of it all is definitely
rewarding, especially as herding forty-some women around can be quite the task!
However, my sisters were wonderful examples all through rush about what it truly
means to be a Greenwich Girl. As a junior, it is astounding to me that in two short
years I have become so attached to this chapter and all of the amazing sisters that I
have the opportunity to share it with. I cannot wait for our babies to know that same
bond of sisterhood that I have become so accustomed to. After all of the planning,
frenzy, and rush parties, I am truly delighted with how everything turned out and
cannot wait to see the nubies leading this chapter in the years to come. Thank you
to all of my sisters, past and present, who made this recruitment season such a
success! I am grateful for all of the effort put into every aspect, and cannot wait to
see our little violets grow into strong Theta Nu women.

Love & Violets,
Thea Kennedy
Vice President

Monday, October 22, 2012

What's Nu

Hello All,
From mixers with Kings and Alpha Sig to our own sisterly bonding time, we've had a very busy but exciting first week with our new lil violets. The pretty little pledges are learning quick and we all can hardly wait until Big Day on Friday.
With all the business, one of the highlights of the week was definitely the parent brunch on Saturday. The parents of both pledges and actives all gathered with their daughters down the street at the First Presbyterian Church and had a fun time with good food and fun games. We love showing our parents how much Theta Nu and our sisters mean to us.
Love and Violets!

p.s. I'm proud to announce that all the links are working as they should at the Alumnae Shop (PDFs are not my friend when it comes to Blogger). If there continues to be any issues with this, please feel free to contact me as sara.loden@otterbein.edu.
Thanks for your patience!